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CEU Resources for Midwives

HiveCE offers many CEU courses for Midwives. ATM members will receive a 20% off discount for any courses purchased through HiveCE. If you are a current member of ATM and would like to receive the coupon code for HiveCE please email us at and we will send you a reply with the code. they are out of CA and are approved from the CA and FL boards of nursing -these are nursing CEUs as well. They have a course called Advancing Health Equity in Texas through Culturally Responsive Care, which is of interest to many right now. -these are nursing approved NAC (this is my preference, they are quick, easy and inexpensive and you print your certificate after finishing the module. Great for procrastinators)

 MEAC offers many CEUs for Midwives

ATM CEU Resources for Midwives

The following online articles cover various aspects of the midwifery practice and are free for anyone to read and study.   ATM members are eligible to take tests over those articles and earn CEU credits. 

Rules for obtaining CEU credit through ATM online:

1. First, you must be a member of ATM. At this time, we make the CEU offer available to our members only. There is no charge for members to get a password account, read the articles or take the tests. Everything is free. 
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     • Click here to access the members only section and take an exam.

2. You may earn no more than 4 CEU credits through either the online articles or The Texas Midwifery Journal articles (or a combination of both) per year. For example, if you already have 2 CEUs from The Texas Midwifery Journal , you will only be allowed two more through the website.

3. No one will be allowed to repeat an article for credit, even if they do so within different years.

4. Tests are graded by a real person, so allow up to 2 weeks to receive your certificates, which will be sent by email.

Index for Online Articles

  • A Natural Approach to the Third Stage of Labor

    1 CEU Credit
    Sarah Buckley, MD
    Read This Article

  • Healing after Cesarean Section

    1 CEU Credit
    Melody Cook, RN, BS, RMT
    Read This Article

  • Antisocial Behaviours from a Primal Health Research Perspective

    1 CEU Credit
    Michel Odent
    Read This Article

  • Group B Strep Prophylaxis: What Are We Creating?

    1 CEU Credit
    Mary Lou Singleton
    Read This Article

  • Epidurals - Risks and Concerns For Mother and Baby

    1 CEU Credit
    Sarah J. Buckley
    Read This Article

  • Busting Stress For New Mothers

    1 CEU Credit
    Melody Cook
    Read This Article

  • Basic Rules of Charting

    1 CEU Credit
    Haylee Larson
    Read This Article

  • Recognizing and Understanding Deep Vein Thrombosis

    1 CEU Credit
    Sharon Neasbitt, RN
    Read This Article

  • The Subtle Physiology of the Fertility Cycle

    2 CEU Credit
    Anissa Sartini
    Read This Article

Please note: To read an article in its entirety and to possibly receive one Continuing Education Unit, you must be a member of ATM and also have a password account with ATM.

  • If you are an ATM member and do not yet have a password, contact the webmaster for information.
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