ATM Memberships

Associate member - $75 This membership is for midwives currently licensed with TDH or CNMs serving as midwife/primary birth attendant.

Student member - $30 This membership is for those training to be a midwife/primary birth attendant.

Supporting/consumer member - $30 This is for others who wish to support this organization and may volunteer in various areas to promote the goals and objectives of the Association of Texas Midwives.

Lifetime member - $1,000 This is for a lifetime membership with ATM.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are renewing your membership, please utilize the Change of Address page to provide us any updates to your personal contact information (address, phone, or email address).

If you are a new member, along with paying for your membership, be sure to fill out the ATM Member Application Here.

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Goal Statement

"To advance the quality and accessibility of midwifery in Texas."

Anti-Bullying Policy

The Association of Texas Midwives recognizes the negative impacts of bullying and harassment upon the practice and profession of midwifery in Texas. We do not tolerate violence, manipulation or coercion of any kind by any source.