ATM Memberships

Associate member - $75 This membership is for midwives currently licensed with TDH or CNMs serving as midwife/primary birth attendant.

Student member - $30 This membership is for those training to be a midwife/primary birth attendant.

Supporting/consumer member - $30 This is for others who wish to support this organization and may volunteer in various areas to promote the goals and objectives of the Association of Texas Midwives.

Lifetime member - $1,000 This is for a lifetime membership with ATM.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are renewing your membership, please utilize the Change of Address page to provide us any updates to your personal contact information (address, phone, or email address).

If you are a new member, along with paying for your membership, be sure to fill out the ATM Member Application Here.

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Association of Texas Midwives

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Goal Statement

"To advance the quality and accessibility of midwifery in Texas."