Note: Scholarship applications are accepted between June 7th and August 31st. Only the current year's application is accepted. Please check back here on June 7th for the current application and information.

We are very pleased to be able to offer a single scholarship on an annual basis. Please note that only Texas residents who meet income guidelines and are new students are eligible. (If you are already enrolled in the ATM Program, you are not eligible.) The scholarship is for 85% of the $9580.00 program tuition. The awarded scholarship is $8143.00.

If you are awarded this scholarship, you will be required to pay the remaining portion of the program tuition, $1,437. It is payable in 8 installments of $179.63 prior to attending each of the seven workshops. If selected for the scholarship, the first payment, along with an application fee of $150.00, will be due with the ATM Midwifery Training Program enrollment application. You will also be responsible for maintaining a current student membership.

Other expenses you will need to consider are required textbooks, which will cost approximately $900- $1200; travel and lodging for workshop attendance; child care (if applicable); gasoline and car maintenance; cell phone/pager; meals during time spent in clinical training, and equipment; expect a minimum of $500 for basic items such as a thermometer, fetoscope, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, etc. You may also want to review computer and software requirements.

The application process begins by downloading the Preliminary Application, completing it, and emailing it to the ATMMTP. Selected candidates will be required to provide proof of income (tax return, check stubs), education (diplomas, transcripts), letters of reference, and possibly proof of expenses. Complete instructions are available on the Preliminary Application form. Remember that there is only one scholarship awarded each year.

Applications are accepted beginning in June with the deadline for receiving the application form no later than August 31st. The recipient of the scholarship will be notified in October and will be required to have all enrollment paperwork completed and commence studies no later than December.

The scholarship recipient will be held to the highest standards of academic work. This includes no failing grades, no late work, and completion of the academic portion of the Midwifery Training Program in the prescribed program timeline. This means that all workshops must be attended per schedule, beginning no later than the May Introduction to Midwifery workshop. If this does not occur then the remainder of the scholarship will be revoked and you will be billed for the portion(s) of the course you have completed.

Note: Scholarship application is Microsoft Word format only. We are not currently accepting hand written applications. Please follow the enclosed instructions very closely to correctly submit your scholarship application.

Thank you.

Scholarship Application (available in MS Word only)

Income Guidelines for Scholarship Applicants

A scholarship applicant must have a gross family income that does not exceed 185% of the federal income guidelines. This corresponds with WIC income guidelines. The below chart may be used to determine eligibility. Applicants with an income above these guidelines will not be considered.

WIC 2017-2108 

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