This fund was originally established in memory of Paulette Griffin, a committed member of the Association of Texas Midwives Education Committee. Her love for the education of midwives inspired all those who knew her. When she died in 2004 the  ATM Board established this fund in her honor so that her loving and generous spirit would never be forgotten. Over the years as some of our sister midwives have passed the fund was renamed The Midwives Memorial Fund. Our hope is that students will utilize this fund to be able to continue their education and become midwives of the future, midwives that will stand out and shine the way our sister midwives of the past have. 



This fund is to provide temporary assistance to help pay the tuition for one module to an established ATMMTP student so that the candidate's studies do not need to be postponed due to financial hardship. The Education Committee will be able to consider more than one applicant per module. The amount of assistance is to be determined at the discretion of the Education Committee.


  • Must be a currently enrolled student with the ATM MTP
  • Must have completed at least the 2nd module of the program
  • The candidate must write a letter to the Education Committee stating the reasons for the need of financial help
  • A supporting letter from apprentice's preceptor is required


  • The same student may apply for no more than two modules, and must apply fully each time.
  • No discrimination as to race or sex will be accepted.

Contribute to the Fund

If you would like to contribute to the Midwives Memorial Fund, you may use either of the options listed below. (PayPal accepts nearly all forms of payment.) ATM appreciates your support for this fund. Your contribution will assist new midwives with their financial responsibilities. Thank you!

Use PayPal:

Or Mail Checks to:

Midwives Memorial Scholarship Fund
c/o The Association of Texas Midwives
P.O. Box 887
Elmendorf, TX 78112

MMF Application

Please contact the ATM Course Coordinator for the MMF application and instructions.

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