Midwifery Basic Info Continuing Education Module

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  1. To learn the laws governing midwives in Texas as found in the Texas Midwifery Act. 
  2. To learn the Texas Midwifery Board Midwifery Rules. 
  3. To understand and apply the Midwifery Practice Standards and Principles as set forth in the Midwifery Rules. 
  4. To be enabled to practice midwifery in Texas with a knowledge of legal requirements for a safe and legally responsible practice.

Rules and Instructions

In order to take the Rules exam you must first read and study the Texas Midwifery Rules/Laws and the Texas Midwifery Information Basic Information Manual. Please go online to https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/midwives/midwives.htm view/download.

Once you have reviewed these items please send this completed application and a check or money order for $40 to:

Association of Texas Midwives
P. O. Box 90403
Austin, TX. 78709

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Upon receipt of the payment and processing of the application, we will send you the exam access.  After successfully completing the exam you will be issued a certificate of completion with four contact hours of continuing education. A copy of this certificate may be presented to the TDLR Midwifery Program as proof that you have completed the required course.


Exam Application


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Goal Statement

"To advance the quality and accessibility of midwifery in Texas."

Anti-Bullying Policy

The Association of Texas Midwives recognizes the negative impacts of bullying and harassment upon the practice and profession of midwifery in Texas. We do not tolerate violence, manipulation or coercion of any kind by any source.