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Melissa Cheyney, PhD, CPM, LDM
Chair, Midwives Alliance Division of Research

Melissa Cheyney PhD CPM LDM is Associate Professor of Clinical Medical Anthropology at Oregon State University (OSU) with additional appointments in Global Health and Women Gender and Sexuality Studies. She is also a Licensed Midwife in active practice, and the Chair of the Division of Research for the Midwives Alliance of North America where she directs the MANA Statistics Project. Dr. Cheyney currently directs the International Reproductive Health Laboratory at Oregon State University where she serves as the primary investigator more than 20 maternal and infant health-related research projects in nine countries. She is the author of an ethnography entitled Born at Home (2010, Wadsworth Press) along with dozens of peer-reviewed articles that examine the cultural beliefs and clinical outcomes associated with midwife-led birth at home in the United States. Dr. Cheyney is an award-winning teacher, and in 2014 was given Oregon State University’s prestigious Scholarship Impact Award for her work in the International Reproductive Health Laboratory and with the MANA Statistics Project. She is the mother of a daughter born at home on International Day of the Midwife in 2009.

Dr. Cheyney is responsible for overseeing DOR projects including the MANA Stats Projects.  Her major responsibilities fall into three categories:

  1. Facilitation of projects and management of DOR and Coordinating Council activities;
  2.  Provision of research expertise and recommendations for DOR activities and projects; and
  3.  Liaison between the DOR Coordinating Council and other midwifery research entities and experts (for example, the ACNM benchmarking project, the Home Birth Summit Research Committee, the MCDA), as well as liaison between the DOR Coordinating Council and the MANA membership-at-large via MANA conference presentations and other communications.

Carol Gautschi, PHD CPM LDM
Certified Professional Midwife & Licensed by the State of Washington

Carol Gautschi, is a certified professional midwife & licensed by the state of Washington. She has accompanied women in birth since 1978.

Serving as a ‘Classical Homebirth Midwife’, she supports mothers, babies, and their families on the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas in beautiful Washington State.  

Carol loves birth and her community! She deeply and carefully makes time for and builds relationship with every mamababy she serves, as availability in relationship are irreplaceable elements of classical midwifery care.  

Carol focuses on holistic nutrition, ‘eating’ clean (spirit, soul & body), food in its natural state and on constantly improving health as pregnancy progresses in order to achieve positive outcomes, but also to ensure a healthy future for mama and baby. 

Carol has served as Chairwoman of Childbearing Ministries in Washington State and currently chairs Birth Matters, a collective of families working to increase awareness of the safety and sanctity of birth at home.

She is a founding member and has been previous chair & president of  W.A.R.M. (Washington Alliance for Responsible Midwifery: https://warmmidwives.com/)

and served as Vice President of the Global Midwifery Council headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.  (https://www.midwiferytoday.com/articles/ed_GMC.asp)

A classical midwife with a lifetime’s variety of experiences and learning to draw from, she passes on her expertise and wisdom in the time-honored tradition of apprenticeship through midwifery skill workshops and being a preceptor for students. 

She has taught for “Midwifery Today” since the ‘90’s (http://www.midwiferytoday.com), on subjects such as complications, the epic nature of birth physiology, the microbiome, breech birth, nutrition, prenatal care and VBAC.

Carol has served women and/or taught in Australia, Fiji, Belgium, China, Ecuador, France, Jordan, Israel, Germany, Russia, Siberia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Iceland and Turkey.

She has appeared on television and has been interviewed for publications and on radio.

Carol’s primary love is serving her Creator, most especially through her vocation as a midwife and “with-woman” in her community: acting as counselor, confidant, nutritional advisor, breastfeeding consultant, childbirth educator, family health supporter, parenting resource, spiritual advisor, mentor, herbalist, birth-photographer and friend. She is a mother of seven and grandmother of 12.

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