Required Reading and Textbooks

The complete list of reading materials required for the program and where you can get them

The following books are required to complete the ATM Midwifery Training Program. The correct version and edition of each book must be used unless otherwise noted. Required texts are listed in the order needed, and the module for which you will first need the text is shown. Most texts will be used in multiple modules. Texts listed as “Independent Study” should be acquired as early as possible since projects requiring these books may be lengthy and should be begun early in your studies.

Click here to download a required and recommended textbook list.

It is strongly advised to purchase the textbooks from the links provided. This helps ensure that you obtain the correct book. Students who obtain an incorrect textbook will be required to purchase the correct book. Also remember to check with your local library for books you can borrow or get from an Interlibrary Loan.


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