ATM's Board Members and Meetings

We encourage every ATM member to get to know their Regional Director!

It is through your Regional Director that your needs and opinions are made known to the ATM Board. If you do not know the number for your Region, check the map located on the Find A Midwife Page, or write to the office at ATM Office and we will provide assistance.

Board - Executive Members

Board - Regional Directors

ATM's Board Meeting Schedule

Approved Minutes From Previous Meetings are available in the member's only section.

All ATM members are welcome to attend the ATM Board of Directors meetings. Others may attend by invitation only. Only those who are members of the Board of Directors may participate directly in these meetings. However, if you are an ATM member, you are encouraged to communicate with your Regional Director, so that your opinions and needs may be represented at the Board meetings.

The Board meetings are always open to all ATM members who come and observe. Limited time is given at each meeting for comments from the general membership who are in attendance.

Upcoming ATM Board Meeting Schedule

Contact the office for more information concerning these meetings @ 432-664-8815

The next ATM board meeting is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. , February 18th, 2018  at:


Regular ATM Board Meeting Schedule

The ATM Board has established regular meeting times for our Board. The Board will meet twice a year on the Sunday before the scheduled Midwifery Board meetings in Austin, Texas. Currently, the Midwifery Board meets two times a year in February and September. Meeting location and times will be posted here on this page and sent to the ATM list.

In addition to these two meetings, the ATM Board usually holds two other regularly scheduled board meetings during the year. One is held in the fall and the other at the ATM annual conference in April. These meetings are tentative and are not required by our by-laws. Any additional meetings will be announced here and on the ATM list.

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